Wildlife in the Foothills

These foothills provide important habitat for many animals including mule deer, elk, fox, cottontail rabbits, badgers, coyotes, reptiles, and many species of birds.

Many wildlife species are dependent on foothill habitats and require sagebrush and associated forbs and grasses.  For example, mule deer eat different native plants depending on the seaon of the year. Without a full complement of native plants mule deer populations can decline.

The Healthy Hills Initiative is working to preserve or restore native plants in this area to improve or restore wildlife habitat. This means restoring native plants such as sagebrush, bitterbrush and native grasses and forbs in degraded areas and after wildfires. Without these desirable plants, wildlife will not be able to prosper in this area. 

Check out our photo gallery for more images of wildlife that can be found in the foothills!