Erosion Explosion

Erosion is a natural process, but after a wildfire or when the soil or vegetation are disturbed it can get out of control. Wildfires remove protective plants exposing the soil to wild and water erosion. Biking, hiking or horseback riding off the established trails or on the trails when they are wet or muddy has a similar impact. .

Once the plants and their roots are lost, nutrient-rich soil is eroded away and native plants have a difficult time recovering opening the door for an increase in invasive plants. The Healthy Hills Initiative is fighting both erosion and invasive non-native grasses by encouraging appropriate trail use and by maintaining or restoring native plants. Together we can help to conserve these beautiful foothills for watershed value, wildlife, and recreation use. 


You Can Help

You can help prevent erosion by hiking or biking only on designated trails and staying out of the foothills when conditions are wet or muddy. Off-trail use can kill plants which start soil erosion problems in new areas. Remember, conservation starts with maintaining our soil and native plants!