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Our Mission

The Healthy Hills Initiative is working to provide science-based knowledge to protect and enhance natural resources of Boise Foothills ecosystems through the collaboration of private, local, state and federal organizations.

The Healthy Hills Initiative: How it Started

On August 3, 2009 a fire started near Horseshoe Bend Road. Dry plants fueled the fire, and high winds pushed it into the foothills. The fast-moving flames threatened several neighborhoods. Thanks to firefighters’ swift response, the fire was contained and no houses were damaged. But the foothills’ ecosystem was not so lucky. By the time it was put out, the fire had burned more than 200 acres of Ada County wildlife habitat and recreational land.  This fire illustrated the risk of wildfires in the foothills and started discussions on how to demonstrate proactive restoration and fuel management strategies to reduce wildfire hazard.



Restoring our Hills

A group of interested land managers and scientists saw the need to restore this area and have partnered with the City of Eagle and Ada County to form the Healthy Hills Initiative. The Healthy Hills Initiative is working to nurse this area back to life; In 2010 over 200 volunteers planted over 8,000 native shrub seedlings in the burned area.  This is just the first of many future demonstration projects to be conducted on the 800 acres of Ada County and Bureau of Land Management lands.

The Healthy Hills Initiative is implementing demonstration land and vegetation projects that have application to other burned or unhealthy foothills in the Treasure Valley. The group will focus on:

-Reducing the potential for wildfires by managing the vegetation, reducing fuels and combating invasive weeds.

-Demonstrating restoration strategies to bring back native vegetation, which will benefit wildlife, the watershed and the citizens who use and enjoy this area.

-Providing educational opportunities to students of all ages in the ecology, management, and scientific study of foothills ecosystems.


Who we are...

The Healthy Hills Initiative includes several members of the following
organizations and agencies:

-Ada Soil & Water Conservation District
-Southwest Idaho Resource Conservation and Development Council
-USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
-City of Eagle
-Eagle Fire Department
-Ada County
-Bureau of Land Management
-U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
-U.S.D.A. Agricultural Research Service
-U.S.D.A Rocky Mountain Research Station
-Idaho Fish and Game


What You Can Do

Follow the guidelines for using this area including staying on the trails, observing rules on closed areas, and keeping your dogs on leash to minimize impacts to wildlife and other trail users.  During the summer months, make sure that you are not responsible for another wildfire in this important area.  Immediately report wildfires in the Boise Foothills to Emergency 911.